Come to our talk at AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics 2023!

1 minute read

We are delighted to confirm our attendance at this year’s conference in person. We will be presenting three papers showcasing our latest research.

The first paper investigates the impact of non-frozen turbulence on serrated trailing-edge noise. Our findings reveal that considering non-frozen turbulence significantly diminishes the noise reduction performance of trailing-edge serration. Moreover, our results exhibit a significantly better agreement with experimental measurements.

The second paper focuses on the receptivity of supersonic jet noise under acoustic impingement. By applying the unsteady Kutta condition, we analytically derive the transfer function between the incoming acoustic and triggered instability waves.

The last paper concerns self-similarity of the resolvent modes of subsonic turbulent jets. We demonstrate that the low-frequency resolvent modes exhibit self-similarity across various frequencies.

Our current research spans a wide range of topics, including aerofoil acoustics, jet noise, and flow instabilities. We warmly invite you to attend our presentation to delve deeper into these subjects.