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The related publications:

13. Anodic Oxidation Triggered Divergent 1,2- and 1,4-Group Transfer Reactions of β-Hydroxycarboxylic Acids Enabled by Electrochemical Regulation
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Junting Hong, Onkar S. Nayal and Fanyang Mo*
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10. Discussion Addendum for: Synthesis of Arylboronic Pinacol Esters from Corresponding Arylamines
Fanyang Mo, Di Qiu and Jianbo Wang*
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Man Li, Junting Hong, Wei Xiao, Yang Yang, Di Qiu and Fanyang Mo*
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8. Transition-Metal-Free Borylation of Alkyl Iodides via a Radical Mechanism
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6. Mn-Mediated Electrochemical Trifluoromethylation/C(sp2)–H Functionalization Cascade for the Synthesis of Azaheterocycles 
Zhenxing Zhang, Lei Zhang, Yang Cao, Feng Li, Guangcan Bai, Guoquan Liu, Yang Yang and Fanyang Mo.*
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5.  A General Electrochemical Strategy for Sandmeyer Reaction
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Lei Zhang, Zhenxing Zhang, Jianning Zhang, Kangle Li and Fanyang Mo.*
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3. Addition of Diazo Compounds ipso-C-H bond to Carbon Disulfide: Synthesis of 1,2,3-Thiadiazoles Under Mild Conditions
Lei Zhang, Beiqi Sun, Qianyi Liu, Fanyang Mo.*
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2. Oxidant-Free C(sp2)−H Functionalization/C−O Bond Formation: A Kolbe Oxidative Cyclization Process
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1. Renaissance of Sandmeyer-Type Reactions: Conversion of Aromatic C-N Bonds into C-X Bonds (X = B, Sn, P, CF3)
Fanyang Mo,* Di Qiu, Yan Zhang and Jianbo Wang.*
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