Principle Investigator

Qing Zhang, Associate Professor
School of Materials Sciences and Engineering, Peking University
Office: Integrated Science Research Building. 310


Sep.2005–Jan.2011 Ph.D, Physics, Tsinghua University, with Prof. Qikun Xue
Sep.2001–Jul.2005 B.S, Materials Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Professional Experience:

Jul.2022–Present Tenured Associate Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Peking University, China
Apr.2016–Jul.2022 Principle Investigator, Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Peking University, China
Jan.2011–Apr.2016 Research fellow, Nanyang Technological University, With Prof. Qihua Xiong

Research Areas and Interests:

1. Semiconductor Optics and Nanophotonics;
2. Photophysics and optical spectroscopy of emergent low-dimensional semiconductors (TMDC, perovskites);
3. Strong light matter interaction of semiconductors;
4. Semiconductor Microlasers;
5. Exciton-plasmon interactions and related devices;

Selected Awards:

1. 2018, Young Scientist Award of Nanochemistry, Chinese Chemical Society-Wiley
2. 2018, Second Prize& Best Teaching Plan Design Award, Young Teachers Basic Skills Competition, Peking University
3. 2019, Teacher Award of Bank of Beijing, Peking University

Academic Achievements and Professional Activities:

I am interested in light-matter interaction and lasing of low dimensional semiconductors. In recent ten years, I have been listed as a co-author in three books and 93 papers published in peer-reviewed journals including Nature Photon. (1)、Nature Commun.(3)、Phys. Rev. Lett. (1)、Adv. Mater. (9)、Nano Lett. (11)、ACS Nano (13). Work as session chair in PIERS 2018 (Japan), ICMAT 2019 (Singapore), and guest editor for Chinese Laser Journal, SCIENCE CHINA Materials and Photonics Research. Member of Youth Working Committee on Chinese Materials Society; Member of OSA, ACS, CCS, OSC.

Representative Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:

1. J. Li, G. Hu, L. Shi, N. He, D. Li, Q. Shang, Q. Zhang*, H. Fu, L. Zhou, W. Xiong*, J. Guan, J. Wang, S. He, L. Chen*, "Full-color enhanced second harmonic generation using rainbow trapping in ultrathin hyperbolic metamaterials", Nat. Commun., 12, 6425 (2021).
2. L. Zhao, Y. Liang, X. Cai, J. Du, X. Wang, X. Liu, M. Wang*, Z. Wei*, J. Zhang, Q. Zhang*,"Engineering Near-Infrared Light Emission in Mechanically Exfoliated InSe Platelets through Hydrostatic Pressure for Multicolor Microlasing", Nano Lett.,
3. Q. Y. Shang, M. L. Li, L. Y. Zhao, D. W. Chen, S. Zhang, S. L. Chen, P. Gao, C. Shen, J. Xing, G. C. Xing, B. Shen, X. f. Liu, and Q. Zhang*, Role of the Exciton–Polariton in a Continuous-Wave Optically Pumped CsPbBr3 Perovskite Laser, Nano Lett., 2020, 20, 9, 6636–6643.
4. Q. Y. Shang, C. Li, S. Zhang, Y. Liang, Z. Liu, Q. Zhang*, Enhanced Optical Absorption and Slowed Light of Reduced-Dimensional CsPbBr3 Nanowire Crystal by Exciton–Polariton, Nano Lett., 20, 2, 1023-1032 (2020).
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