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* Undergraduate course: Fundamentals of Circuits and Electronics (本科生必修课程:电路电子学基础) 

Circuits and Electronics

1. Objectives: Introduce fundamental techniques in electronics to engineering undergraduates whose major is not in EECS. 
2. Scope: Cover circuits, analog, digital courses, provide hints and preliminary introductions to signal and system, micro-computer. The course consists of generic methods, electronic and electric components, and applications.  
3. Textbook: Anant Agarwal, Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronics, 2005, Elsevier. textbook.rar (Password procted, ONLY for teaching purpose)
Supplementary reading notes: (ONLY for teaching purpose)
(1) Paul Horowitz, and Windfield Hill, The Art of Electronics, 2nd Edition, The Cambridge University Press, 1989, ISBN-10: 0521370957;
(2) 邱关源,电路;
(3) 童诗白,模拟电路;
(4) 阎石,数字电路;
(5) Reading materials provided in this webpage. 
4. Experimental facilities: 
(1)   PSpice (2014.4.14 Note: Ver 9.1 Student version can be found at: http://www.electronics-lab.com/downloads/schematic/013/, where tutorial files are included as well. The download link is at the end of the page);
(2)   MATLAB;
(3)   Xilinx BASYS2. 
The coding tool (Xilinx WebPack) and hardware boards will be provided during the course. BASYS tutorial.zip
5. Grading policy:
  Homework, quiz and Lab report 30%
  Midterm 30% 
  Final 40%
6. Schedule              (Note: attached references are only for teaching purpose)
L01: Introduction (1)    312_Introduction_package.pdf
Preface, Chap 1 

L02: Lumped Circuit Abstraction (1)Voltage source.pdf Noise reduction in a launch vehicle fairing using actively tuned loudspeakers.pdf The missing mechanical circuit element.pdf

Chap 1

HW: Read all files and textbook       

L03: KVL/KCL (1) KVLKCL.pdf  Nodal analysis.pdf
Chap 2, 3.1-3.5
L04: Thevenin and Norton Thévenin.pdf Norton.pdf
Chap 3.6
Chap 5
L06: Inside the Digital Gate MOSFET.pdf Analogcomputer.pdf mosfet.pdf 
Chap 6
L07: Semiconductor devices PN and MOSFET.zip PSPICE tutorial.pdf mosfet-pspice.rar 
AE Chap 2-3
L08: Nonlinear Analysis Nonlinear.pdf  PWM.pdf
Chap 4.1-4.4
L09: Incremental Analysis
Chap 4.5
L10: Dependent Sources and Amplifier
Chap 7.2
L11: MOSFET Amplifier Large Signal Analysis
Chap 7.6
L12: Amplifiers -- Small Signal Model Common drain.pdf
Chap 8
L13: Push-pull and Differential Circuits
AE Chap 2-3
L14: TTL and CMOS (2)
AE Chap 2-3, Chap 8
Midterm exam (2)  
L15: Capacitors and First-Order Systems   RL circuit.pdf
Chap 9
L16: State and Memory
Chap 10.5-10.7
L17: Latch and Register Flip-flop.pdf Latch.pdf
AE Chap 8
L18: Asynchronous and Synchronous Circuits 
AE Chap 8
L19: Clock and Digital Circuit Speed
Chap 10
L20: Second-Order Systems laplace.pdf lrseries_theory1.pdf RL circuit.pdf
Chap 12
L21: Sinusoidal Steady State
Chap 13
L22: The Impedance Model   
Chap 13
L23: Filters
Chap 14
Chap 15
L25: Operational Amplifier Circuits  Operational amplifier.pdf  Operational amplifier applications.pdf 
Chap 15
L26: Op Amps Feedback       
Chap 15
L27: ADC/DAC Digital.zip
AE Chap 9.15-9.23
L28: Power Amplifier   
L29: Energy and Power         
Chap 11
L30: Energy of CMOS
Chap 11
L31: Review  Analogcomputer.pdf

7. Optional course projects

(00) Materials for more electric aircraft (10/100); MEA.zip

3 pages; key issue; your possible interest/contribution; no Ctrl+P; email the report to me directly by 20/04/2019.

(0) *** FPGA based calculation of SHA256 *** (50/100) 2018.3  主流矿.pdf

(1) Calculation of a linear circuit with dependent source and conduct simulation with PSpice. (5/100) Circuit_Project1_Topic.pdf 

Notice: Complete a report in electronic form (e.g. WORD) and send to TA: Hanbo Jiang, jianghbpku.edu.cn, by 12:00AM, March 28th, 2014. Prepare the report in English. Late delivery will NOT be marked.  

(2) Experiments of digital circuits. FPGA.zip  (10/100)

Note: Finish the required projects, save to USB stick, and prepare a brief report in English. Come to RM 405, BLDG 1, 15PM-17PM on  16th May 2014, one by one. Show and explain your work to TA. The score is based on the quality of your answer and reports. Delayed demo will NOT be marked. 

(3) Simulations of chaotic circuits.  (5/100)

Note: Deadline of the report (email to Prof. X Huang) is 30th May 2014. Later delivery will NOT be marked混沌电路仿真实验.rar

(4) Experiments of analog circuits.  (10/100)

电路与电子学实验.pdf irf540n.pdf op07c.pdf code.zip

Notice: Bring your design to RM 405, BLDG 1, on the date (TBD), demonstrate your design to TA, who will ask questions and mark accordingly.  Delayed demo will NOT be marked. 

(5) 为何南极的冰山破裂可被监听,MH370坠海却测不到?


Underwater Microphones Eavesdrop On Icebergs {% Inside Science.pdf

We Can’t Help Imitating the Talkers We Hear – and See.pdf

(6) MOSFET -> FinFET技术潮流阐述。

(7) 智能军棋实现的电子技术原理,讨论、比较可能的实现路径及其成本。

(8) 玩具机器人系统初探,重点:搞清楚课堂学的电源、地、信号、传感器、执行器等概念,对应的真实物理世界;开始自学编程语言来控制和改变物理世界。

















Python + SPICE (PySpice)


Objectives: 一饭三吃

(1) Understand how to do circuit simulations; 

(2) Learn to do code with Python; 

(3) Find more materials by yourselves (you will find that most are in English). 


0. Python基本


(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/data-analysis/fft.html

(2) 理解每一行代码,自行google fft或者看MATLAB中dft函数help。matplotlib的用法同MATLAB中绘图。

1. Installation 



(1) 安装不会,其它免谈。遇到报错,多多Google。

(2) 用conda create -n envname来建立虚拟环境后再装。

(3) Win/Linux/OSX都可以,但目前不适用于M1, M2系统(2022.8)。

(4) 正确安装后可用下述命令测试:pyspice-post-installation --check-install

2. Fundamentals 


(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/fundamental-laws/voltage-current-divider.html 

(2) examples/fundamental-laws/voltage-current-divider.py. 提示:看懂每一行代码,理解代码如何表达实际电路之间各元件的连接关系。


(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/resistor/resistor-bridge.html

(2) 读code: examples/resistor/resistor-bridge.py,提示:根据如此简单的code搞清楚怎么用python语言来描述电路连接关系。


(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/fundamental-laws/index.html, click 8.8.1. 

(2) examples/fundamental-laws/millman-theorem.py, 读每一行code,对照执行。提示:import pdb 

4. Thevenin/Norton 

(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/fundamental-laws/thevenin-norton-theorem.html

(2) examples/fundamental-laws/thevenin-norton-theorem.py. 提示:代码观其大意即可。

5. Diode V-I curve

(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/diode/diode-characteristic-curve.html

(2) examples/diode/diode-characteristic-curve.py. 提示:import pdb, 设置断点,逐行debug,理解每一行。 注意:网页上的结果图正确,实际生成code中线条颜色可能不一致,以网页为准。此外,spice_library此类object查看里面内容用vars, 即vars(spice_library). 注意2:此程序可能有bug,但设置断点后不影响执行到bug前面的主体程序。

(3) static resistance and dynamic resistance, 了解即可。

6. Diode rectification

(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/diode/rectification.html

(2) examples/diode/rectification.py. 逐行阅读理解。

(3) 提示:理解半波整流和全波整流的设计区别;理解滤波在其中的作用及物理实现。

7. Optional: Diode voltage multiplier 蚊子拍电路

(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/diode/voltage-multiplier.html, and the wikipedia reference therein. 

(2) 警告:在无指导下,别自己做此实际实验。

(3) examples/diode/voltage-multiplier.py


(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/transistor/nmos-transistor.html

(2) examples/transisor/nmos-transistor.py, 提示:没几行代码,重点读清楚如何调用mosfet库,及如何描述其连接关系。

(3) Optional: How to plot the other curve for Vgs vs Vds

9. Optional: OpAMP

(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/operational-amplifier/operational-amplifier.html, 搞懂其中如何用来做比较器的思想和code。

(2) 修改代码,实现微分器。

10. First-order system

(1) Read: https://pyspice.fabrice-salvaire.fr/releases/v1.6/examples/passive/capacitor-inductor.html

(2) 修改代码,自行研究不同R, C参数的变化对动态性能的影响。提示:本例子可用来清晰展示什么是transient response,什么是steady values, 什么是states.